Weight Loss Subliminal

Results that this subliminal promises:

•Lose weight fast
•Burn 2000 lbs of fat
•Lose 9000 kgs per nanosecond
•Get a well-toned body
• Get the perfect body
•Become more confident
•Love your body
•Get a flag stomach
•Get a fast metabolism
•Burn 20000 calories per millisecond
•Get a thinner legs
•Get perfect collarbones
•Get the desired body

• Drink lots of water
• Listen at least 2-6 times
• Listen at 20%-60% volume (customisable according to comfort)
• Maintain a positive outlook
• Don’t obsess a lot over results
• Pair it with your desired booster

Note: As requested by a close friend, I’ve made this subliminal to help facilitate weight loss. Stay hydrated and enjoy.

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