How To Eat For Weight Loss | Reduce Inflammation And Heal The Body

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How To Eat For Weight Loss | Reduce Inflammation And Heal The Body is a video that is designed to teach you sustainable practices around food that not only help you lose weight but heal your body.

If you want to lose weight then you need to heal the body. Weight loss resistance is a real thing that is centered around hormone dysfunction. When the hormones are not balanced you can lose weight no matter what diet you follow. Hormones involved in weight loss are leptin, ghrelin, and insulin. You must balance hormones for weight loss.

Sugar, grains, processed foods, and so many other foods cause you to gain weight. By following my diet and removing these foods I have seen people lose weight fast. This is not a fad diet nor a diet that is designed to be followed short term, but rather a diet for life.

I recommend that you eat a moderate a high amount of good fats, a moderate amount of protein, and low carbs. This is designed to slow conversion into sugar, reduce insulin and ultimately reduce inflammation which is at the heart of disease.

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